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Alyshea Surani | Pipella Law | Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer

Alyshea Surani completed her Juris Doctor from the University of Calgary in 2017. Prior to law school, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Dean’s List), from the University of Calgary in 2012.

Alyshea has considerable experience helping various physicians in their practices and has extensive experience reading and writing medical reports, an area in which she has worked for the past 8 years. She has been featured on the cover of USA Today Magazine and modelled for Holt Renfrew. She has had extensive marketing experience including managing a concert in Vancouver for Academy Award winner A.R. Rahman for his score in Slumdog Millionaire. She conducted interviews for various formats including television, magazines, newspapers, and radio.

Alyshea is currently completing her Masters at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge while practicing personal injury at Pipella Law. Alyshea volunteers with the World Partnership Walk, an initiative of Aga Khan Foundation Canada. She enjoys music, dancing and travel during her time off.

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