Take Action to Stop Proposed Legislation Restricting Compensation for Future Accident Victims

Pipella Law

March 4, 2020

Alberta insurance companies are aggressively lobbying the Kenney government to restrict the compensation that future accident victims will receive from the at-fault driver’s insurance. This will not only devastate personal injury litigation, but it will preclude injury victims from getting fair access to justice. For more information, please log onto: https://fairalbertainjuryregulations.ca

We would greatly appreciate you completing the quick survey (on the link below) against passing this new legislation BEFORE the deadline THIS FRIDAY and please email your contacts/family to do same.

Please further consider selecting that you want to continue to be able to sue the at-fault driver and consider staying neutral about the cost of your premiums. The Alberta government is trying to “spin” no-fault as being beneficial to Albertans in the long run as it will enable the public to have lower premiums. They are appealing to those who do not understand how the system works and the general public is not educated on this subject matter at all. As you will see on the link above, there is no crisis in Alberta’s insurance market. Insurers are looking to manufacture same so they can change Alberta’s insurance laws and increase their profits, which will reduce consumer rights and protections. Over the last two years, insurance industry lobbyists have been holding meetings with Alberta government officials to influence changes that would let insurers off the hook in compensating those who get injured in our province so they can increase their profits.

Please fill out this survey before the deadline this Friday, March 6, 2020.

Many thanks in advance.


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