Pipella Law and the Calgary Ukrainian Festival: Fun in Any Language

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June 5, 2017
Calgary Ukrainian Festival | Pipella Law

Held at the Acadia Recreation Complex on June 3rd and 4th, the 8th Annual Calgary Ukrainian Festival saw hundreds of Calgary-area residents converge for a weekend of food, art, and dancing that celebrated Ukrainian culture.

Calgary Ukrainian Festival | Pipella Law

The festival featured a full schedule of events that honoured Alberta’s vibrant Ukrainian community, from Ukrainian-style street food and drinks (including world-famous Ukrainian vodkas), to arts and crafts, to folk performances and the unique Kolomyka open-floor dance.

Celebrating and Promoting Ukrainian Heritage

With a vision to “raise the profile of Calgary’s Ukrainian Community through a professional and inclusive annual event that showcases Ukrainian arts, cuisine, entertainment and culture while highlighting true Ukrainian hospitality,” the Calgary Ukrainian Festival aims to “provide the citizens of Calgary an informative, educational and entertaining festival that celebrates all aspects of the unique and rich Ukrainian heritage.

Calgary Ukrainian Festival | Pipella Law

The team at Pipella Law strongly supports the various dynamic cultures that make up the Canadian mosaic, not only through our support of different events, but also through the services we offer.

Translation Services: We Speak Your Language

At Pipella Law, we understand that navigating the complex legal system can be difficult—especially if you do not speak English as a primary language. In addition to English, our diverse legal team can readily assist clients that require services in Punjabi; if our available staff cannot meet your specific language needs, we are also accomplished in working with external translation services, which can easily be arranged for you at no extra cost.

Pipella Law is proud to have been one of the sponsors of the Calgary Ukrainian Festival. Будьмо!

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