AISH: What You Need to Know

Pipella Law

January 2, 2017

Operated by the Government of Alberta’s Human Services ministry, the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) program is designed to provide a spectrum of financial and health benefits to eligible Albertans. Reflecting the core Canadian value of community, AISH improves the lives of disabled Albertans by guaranteeing a level of personal dignity and financial security.

Who is Eligible for AISH?

To qualify for AISH, you must:

  • have a disability that is likely to remain permanent, including severe brain trauma;
  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • not be eligible to receive an Old Age Security pension;
  • live in Alberta;
  • be a Canadian citizen, or permanent resident;
  • not be living in a correctional facility, or certain mental health facilities;
  • apply for all other income you may be eligible for, including WCB benefits; and
  • not have an income, or assets higher than the AISH program allows.

What Does AISH Offer?

AISH offers a number of benefits to its recipients, such as:

  • a living allowance up to $1,588 per month, dependent on one’s living situation and other methods of income;
  • child benefits of $100 per month for every dependent;
  • health benefits for those lacking coverage through insurance, or other programs;
  • prescription drugs from the Government of Alberta Drug Benefit List;
  • basic dental and optical coverage;
  • diabetic supplies;
  • emergency ambulance coverage; and
  • personal benefits, including food and routine veterinary services for service animals, moving benefits, and emergency assistance.

For a more complete list of the benefits offered through AISH, please refer to the appropriate section of the AISH website.

How Can I Apply for AISH?

There are a number of steps that must be followed to apply for AISH. In addition to the AISH application form that must be filled out, a number of supporting documents—including medical reports completed by your doctor—must be submitted for approval. Once an AISH application is approved, benefits will be backdated to the month AISH first received all necessary paperwork.

The forms to apply for AISH are available online, or at any of the AISH facilities across Alberta. If you are unable to get to an AISH office, forms can be mailed out to you.

As tireless advocates for the disabled both in, and out of, the courtroom, Pipella Law fully supports the AISH initiative. One’s disability should never be an impediment to one’s dignity.

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